Bracketing and HDR

During my workshop with my Meetup group last week we learned more about bracketing, which I later through many trials and tribulations in photoshop turned into high dynamic range – photoshop not being a strong point of mine. I think I have finally captured some photographs of which I am very proud, if I can say that without sounding too pompous.

Just to give you a reality attack here, it took one hour and fifty minutes from the time of leaving the house to get to our desired meet up point.. a two and a half hour shoot in the freeeezing cold, it was cold at 6.00 p.m., pretty cold at 7.30 p.m. and positively glacial at 8.30 p.m., standing and not walking is going to freeze you more than you thought possible.

Between you and me we had layered up, I was wearing four of my own layers and hubby was wearing three of his and one of mine !!! (it was just a tshirt) I am so glad I forced him into doing that, it really helped to keep the cold at bay.

And after the shoot, our eyes alighted on the nearest French bistro and a good steak and a bottle of red was just the ticket with which to warm up with.  Much laughter ensued and eventually we got home well past midnight – the things I do for my art!, a sum total of eight hours out the house for a couple of snaps, well it beats golf!!! Hays Galleria 1st photo hdr Shard Shard 3 Shard 2

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