Palace of Westminster after sunset.

I wanted to take some photographs of the the Palace of Westminster at sunset having noticed that the sun sets directly behind the Palace and so studied the Met Office to see when sun set occurs.  Thinking that was actually the time of darkness, we got there early to catch the sunset and set up my tripod and waited and waited and waited and 6.10 p.m. came and went and it still wasn’t anywhere near darkness.   Lesson learned darkness occurs half an hour after sunset, well in this country at least.  By the time we had finished and  had taken some photographs in the dark as well, we were properly frozen.  But it was worth it. Palace of Westminster._

3 thoughts on “Palace of Westminster after sunset.

  1. Mary Triller says:

    Yes well work it. Your photograph is beautiful.

    I know the cold you mention…we have waited long hours waiting for that perfect moment and praying the clouds would not hinder the beauty! Some times it worked and other times we just ended up enjoying the time together! The ups and downs of a photographer’s wife.


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