Lunch – Chicken Kimchi upgraded.

I have a love of good food, but I also love a little bit of convenience as do many cuisines of the world, this time I was looking towards the far east. People of the Orient often like dried noodles which are then popped into simmering stock for a few minutes with a few chopped vegetables and spices and possibly a little seafood which are then guzzled heartily with many lip smacking noises. I’ve tried many versions both in restaurants and made from scratch at home with authentic ingredients and I’ve loved them all. But I don’t always have the time or inclination to make chicken stock from scratch and so I’ve been dabbling with the Chinese version of our Pot Noodle and they are good. Some have won awards and use proper beef bone stock and taste really savoury with a great mouthfeel and use no MSG and very little sugar, although not all are low in sugar, read the label. IMG_4786
As always in this house it was a go with the flow moment, I made up the chicken noodle soup with boiling water, fried off some yellow pepper and frozen chicken fillets with a handful of tomatoes, adding water and spices to broil for a few minutes. Served the chicken noodle soup in a big bowl, added the chicken, yellow pepper and tomatoes and picked a few fresh salad leaves to serve on the side. It was delicious.

2 thoughts on “Lunch – Chicken Kimchi upgraded.

  1. Mary Triller says:

    Lately, I have been missing WaggaMamma and Coventry’s Noodle Bar dinners. I have not found anything like their dishes here in Novi Sad yet. So your post is very timely!

    Could you give me a bit of a recipe to follow (a bit more detail) so I can put something like this together for the two of us?



  2. mandycharlie says:

    I normally use a Tom Yum paste to start me off, failing that you can make this from scratch as the Thai people do everyday but I would think that your chances of finding ginger, garlic, chillis lemongrass, thai basil etc are even more remote than the paste. There are lots and lots of recipes on the net.


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