Lightroom before and after.

When I became interested in digital photography I didn’t have Lightroom so I just used to post what came out of the camera with very little happening to it.  I have always been resistant to the idea of cheating,,, and as a photographer that grew up using film, using CAD packages went against the grain.  Mind you I was posting JPEG images that would have had some sort of processing inside the camera.  Then I started to shoot in RAW and immediately saw a difference, the JPEG images often being brighter, more saturated and with a higher degree of contrast. At that point I started to use Lightroom and do a little bit of post processing.

Most of the images that I put on the blog are either the JPEG version as they look good enough and I’m tight for time and processing images does take time or they are the RAW version but with just a couple of tiny tweaks.  Mostly I don’t post process much, but I have been playing with Lightroom a little bit.  I don’t use all the gizmo’s because I don’t understand them, but I am getting better at it, I think, you must be the judge.  These are two photos taken within a second or two of each other, one post processed one not.  The processed one was exactly what I was trying to capture at the time, a glorious summers day.Lightroom 1 Lightroom 2

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