Seeing the lovely clear evening, not a cloud in sight, I had a bit of a brain wave, lets go and try to see the Milky Way… With the help of Dark Site Finder, The Photographers Ephemeris and Sky Guide we quickly realised that seeing the Milky Way would be impossible, what with the moon being in the sky and setting after the sun started to rise and that wasn’t including the light pollution affecting things, but as you know I am game for anything, so we went anyway! Wrapped up several layers deep, pyjamas underneath our trousers we set off at 4.00 a.m.Chesterton 1Yep, no Milky Way, just the faintest hiss of it, but no matter, the coffee was good, there were bacon sandwiches and boiled eggs for breakfast and it was four in the morning, what adventures could we have?Chesterton 2The light from the moon is strong, but oh so beautiful. Chesterton 3We played with torch light painting Chesterton Windmill.Chesterton 4And then I thought I would have a twirl around.Chesterton 5Tripped up!Chesterton 6Another twirl Chesterton 7And then my favourite one of all. Chesterton 8The moon peeking through. Chesterton 9And then the moon glowing red as we watched it set.Chesterton 10Whilst at the same time, the sun was peeking through the mist. Chesterton 11And we watched the calm of another day starting.

It was such a beautiful and crazy night, I hope we do it again soon, and those pyjamas had kept us beautifully warm and it was really easy to tumble into bed when we got home.

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