The Birthday Boy.

Hubby and I had fully intended to celebrate his birthday by our usual trotting around London Zoo. It is one of our happy places and we always have a bit of a laugh and a good time, even when tired out from walking around all day. But at 3 o’clock in the morning as I heard the heavens open and the unscheduled rain come tumbling down I thought we might have to change plans.

It was still dreary and damp by breakfast time and the forecast looked pretty miserable. What to do? what to do?  We didn’t feel like traipsing around in the rain anywhere, when an idea surfaced, lets just go to Westfield, you can’t get bored in Westfield’s its 45 acres of shopping!

So we went and we trotted and had a favourite lunch at Yo Sushi. The boy had a lovely time and I’ve rescheduled the trip to London Zoo in my Erin Condren Life Planner with Birthday banners and balloons, hand stamped lions and giraffes carefully coloured in and lots of lovely brightly coloured washi tape, just to make a special fuss of him, I think he deserves it. IMG_1187

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