St Pauls.

I wanted to pop along to St Pauls, it had been years since we have been inside and even now we have never done the full blown trip, we got their too late this time, but decided to stay for Evensong. Randome tree 1 (1 of 1)I am always amused when I see a lone random tree.  I must start photographing them around London, they are very amusing at times. St Pauls  (1 of 1) The front of St Pauls.
St Pauls 3 (1 of 1)And nearby, just in front of the stock exchange an area to wait and relax and watch the tennis and play a little table tennis just around the corner,St Pauls knitting (1 of 1)and catch up on a little knitting.

St Pauls was beautiful, I gave thanks for my life as it is today.  Last time I went I had just lost my hair and low and behold another Alopecian sat in front of me and I was able to strike up a conversation with him which helped no end.  He was the second Alopecian of the day that I had spoken to, before that I had not spoken to anyone what with living in leafy Warwickshire.  I gave thanks for the road I have travelled and how far I have come, I was in a very different place last time and always felt that I was meant to meet those lovely bald fellas who gave me such kind words of encouragement.  And this time, during the service I felt utter, utter peace.

One thought on “St Pauls.

  1. Noelle says:

    Lovely post in which you ooze contentment….a little contemplation in special places, and sharing experiences connects people in the best possible way.


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