A jumper for Hygge.

I have been meaning to blog about this jumper for quite a while, having finished it weeks ago, but then the wind turned to come from the North and I started to wear it and found out exactly how snuggly it is, all thoughts of blogging forgotten.  I’ve not worn Rowan Cocoon as a jumper before and found the first shed of excess mohair was like a Newfoundland’s first moult of winter fur on a warm spring day, that is to say heavy and ongoing. But after a quick brush up it became less irritating from all those loose hairs spreading across clothes and into eyes and just became a lovely comforting jumper with a large amount of Hygge about its person.

This jumper’s pattern was Lyra Vee by Sarah Hatton from The Cocoon Collection in Rowan Cocoon, colourway in Seascape. jumper2 jumper1Now the arms might be a touch long, but all the better to keep cold hands warm with on brisk winter walks and the body might be a tad short, but all the better to go with woolly winter skirts and thick tights, I really don’t mind, and one day, I might block it!, to shorten the arms and pull down the hem a little. But until that merry day when it needs its first bath, again, probably in the spring much like the aforementioned Newfoundlands, I will love it, just the way it is.

One thought on “A jumper for Hygge.

  1. Jenny Dukeshire says:

    I love this sweater Mandy and especially the colour! I’m guessing it could be knit with a different but equally soft yarn which is what I would do. I have enough problems with cat, dog and goat hair plus bird feathers!


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