Wrapped in Paisley

wrapped-in-paisley-3I started the design of this quilt as being a play on light and dark, of course being at the mercy of the jelly roll and layer cake in Wrapped in Paisley by Moda, it didn’t go exactly to plan, but I am still very pleased with it, not least in that I achieved a nicely sized (as in big) quilt with one layer cake and one jelly roll.  To start with I separated eight light coloured strips to make the binding with as I wanted the binding to have a nice contrast to the quilt when finished and then went from there. wrapped-in-paisley-2Firstly I  made the triangles in light and dark, squaring them up and then playing around with squares and oblongs of fabric until I had what I wanted and sewing it all together, firstly in squares, then in stripes and then all together. wrapped-in-paisley-1I quilted it by quilting in the ditch (or trying to) all the straight seams and then I quilted the diagonals then adding quilting 2 inches each side, which meant there was at the widest point 3 inches of space between the quilting, which was the widest my chosen wadding would allow.  How to quilt it took a bit of figuring out but in the end I was pleased with the route I chose and I think it suits the quilt well. wrapped-in-paisley-4

And as I have finished the quilt a couple of months ago it has been road tested and I can assure you all that it is as cosy as it looks.
wrapped-in-paisley-5I think it is my favourite quilt so far. wrapped-in-paisley-6

I have named it Beloved Butterscotch after a friend said it reminded her of molten toffee, along with the date and place and my web site address should anyone discover it in a dusty corner of a second hand shop in the far and distant future.  But that is a long, long way off and for now it is to snuggle under at the merest hint of a frosty night and perhaps to keep toasty warm, hot chocolate in hand, whilst gazing at the largest supermoon since 1948 tomorrow night.

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