A Plan.

seagullI love wildlife, I do.  I love to get out into the country or even just a park bench with a pond and sit and immerse myself in the sights, sounds and smells of what ever is going on.  Sometimes its just the smell of autumn and rotting leaves that brings me back to my childhood as memories of the woodsmoke from the bonfires in the allotments opposite our home drift over, depending on the time of day sending Mum into a panic over her washing on the line.  Sometimes its the screech of seagulls soaring overhead.

It must be wonderful to be anything other than a human being, to live in the moment and not have to plan for the future, but plan we must, or perhaps should.

New Year resolutions are about planning, to strive to become something more than we were last year, to better ourselves in some way, to not be quite so human with all of our foibles we try so gallantly to hide.  Last night I trotted off to my nearest slimming group, its okay, its going to be fine, I know myself better now more than any other time in my life and I have the time.  Oh how I would love to be a seagull, soaring high, swallowing fish, not a care in the world, but I’m not and age is creeping, did I tell you I was 50 last year!  So today I will plan and do a little bit of weighing and measuring and plan for my future tomorrows, of which I hope there will be many and that they will be glorious.


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