Google Nik Collection.

I’m a firm believer in share and share alike, so in that spirit may I give to you all, (if you haven’t heard of it before) Google Nik CollectionOne thing I have learnt from the photography groups I belong to is that yes, you do have to get the image, that is the main thing above anything else, but then invariably a little tweaking goes on. There are a myriad of tools available to do this, Lightroom and Photoshop to name just two. I use a little bit of Lightroom to tweak, but not that much and well, Photoshop is just so complicated I’m not sure if I’ll ever master it.

So as I was bleating in a Woe is Me fashion at a meeting about my skill set, one of my fellow photographers suggested using Google Nik Collection which is now free and was apparently about £150.00  Okay I thought I’ll give it a go, what is there to lose.  Not much apparently. teasel-unprocessedTeasel photograph, straight from the camera, black line at the top makes it quite unusable, unless your a photoshop guru, which I am not.  Disappointing. Until….teasel-processed-_A little play with the Google Nik Collection.  It is still not judge acceptable for competitions, but more than does the job for the blog.

Try it, it is a lovely tool.

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