Birmingham Chinese New Year 2017

Firstly I must apologise for the tardiness in putting up this post, I’ve been feeling rather out of sorts of late and haven’t been able to concentrate on things, but I suspect as the light lengthens with the days, so my gloom will dissipate.  Well that’s the plan aided by long countryish walks with a daily blast of fresh country air and fresh fruit and vegetables, just not courgettes or lettuce, oh well, it will have to be a lovely locally grown British stew, it will be such a hardship, rolls eyes.

A couple of weekends ago hubby and I went to Birmingham to welcome in the Chinese New Year, what with it being the year of the Rooster, of which hubby is one. We took the train and had our fingers crossed that we would get a dry day, but by the time we arrived in Birmingham it was teeming down, fortunately hubby could remember where the nearest Jessops was and they had a rain cover for my camera so at least I could carry on snapping.

It was wet, very wet at times and it was cold, and I needed food, I never photograph well when I am hungry. I think my brain needs fuel to think creatively, I survived on hobnobs whilst doing the tailoring degree, as did most of the students, well that and oatcakes when the sugar levels rose too high.  So I braved it out aided with a couple of chinese snacks for four hours and it was a lovely experience, but when enough was indeed enough hubby bundled me into a taxi and took me to Brindley place to see what we could see.  We had tried to get into a Chinese restaurant but as you might imagine, the queues were a Chinese dragon long.  We found a lovely Thai Restaurant The Thai Edge and had a delicious meal, styled on a buffet, but one of elegance and fine dining, with just a few well made dishes of each course to choose from, it was some of the best thai i’ve ever eaten,  before being bundled into another black cab back to New Street, a quick peruse around Oliver Bonas, Foyles and Hotel Chocolate, a combination of the three best shops on a Sunday afternoon a girl could wish for, before catching our Virgin train home. It was truly a lovely day.

Here are a few snaps of the day, I hope you get the overall atmosphere of the day, enjoy. birmingham-chinese-new-year-1 birmingham-chinese-new-year-1-2 birmingham-chinese-new-year-1-3 birmingham-chinese-new-year-1-8 birmingham-chinese-new-year-1-7 birmingham-chinese-new-year-1-6 birmingham-chinese-new-year-1-5 birmingham-chinese-new-year-1-4 birmingham-chinese-new-year-1-9 birmingham-chinese-new-year-1-10


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