Photographing a rainy day in February.

My new to me photography group had planned to meet in town to do a little street photography.

It started to rain half an hour before I left the house. Up until a few days ago Wednesday was meant to be the most perfect of blue days, the best of the week, what transpired was quite the reverse. It rained and it rained and then it rained a bit heavier some more.

But none of us cried off and despite the rain it was the best of days.  I met up with a fellow photographer on the bus and we gaily talked photography as the bus trundled through the rain – did I mention it was a bit wet.  After meeting up with everyone else we went our separate ways.  It was fun, every so often one would meet up with a photography pal and exchange weather related pleasantries and soon enough it was time to meet for tea and cake and R and I placed our soaked cameras in our bags, as the rain was so heavy by this point it was just ridiculous and we trudged down the town passing other soaked to the skin pedestrians.

We all looked like drowned rats as we stripped off heavy with rain coats, hats and scarfs and were very appreciative of our steaming hot cups of tea and coffee along with cake.

Just a couple of my snaps of the day. rainy-day-leamington-feb-2017-1-2 rainy-day-leamington-feb-2017-1 rainy-day-leamington-feb-2017-1-3

2 thoughts on “Photographing a rainy day in February.

    • mandycharlie says:

      I know he was like a little drowned rat! Fortunately it wasn’t too cold a day and I think his owners were chatting to the other photographer I was with saying how they would dry him off and warm him up when they got home.


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