Geese playing – full of the joys of spring.

I’d never seen this behaviour before, which is not a scientific observation, but I have been watching Canadian Geese since I was knee high to a grasshopper.

It was obviously part of the mating ritual with a look at me and how clever and masterful I am stance, it was hilarious to watch.  The main aim of the game I think was to masterly flip over onto one’s back, wave one’s webbed feet in the air and then turn back over to rapturous applause from one’s mate. Then to have a couple of seconds breather and do it all again. They carried on the game for quite a while before being disturbed by another pair.

As always the light was rubbish, we are in the middle of woods so its even more rubbish, so the grain is heavy.

Enjoy. geese-playing-1-3 geese-playing-1-2 geese-playing-1-5 geese-playing-1-6 geese-playing-1-7geese-playing-1-8

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