A little Street photography.

At the moment my days seem to be spent completely embraced in all things photographic. Today I just started a ten week course from the Open University/Royal Photographic Society on Digital Photography.  Yesterday I spent the day with my photography club doing Street photography so today has been spent processing a couple of images and starting my Open University course.  One of my fellow photographers very kindly sent me some information on his work flow in Lightroom, so I must read through all that as I desperately need to improve my system and he has kindly taken the time to write down 35 of the great and good photographers.  I am so happy he went to that trouble.  I have lots of homework to do now, as I will research them and make up an A3 book with them and their photographs, shades of sticking and gluing at college.  Sometimes the old fashioned ways of learning are the best, well they are for me. If I have to take the trouble to do that, it will go into the grey matter.  He is also going to write me a book list too – does happy dance.

Last week I completed a Photoshop course, I must find the time to practise, last week was also spent mostly sat in a hide and along with that we had a wonderful talk by Jeremy Walker a renowned Nikon Ambassador and I’ve also sorted out a photo for a UK Wildlife competition and my Still Life competition entry is well in hand.

So you’ll have to excuse me if all the blog gets is a quick pic of whatever I was photographing that week – trust me I’m having a blast.

Now I must get to bed as I believe hubby wants to go Otter hunting tomorrow and we have to get up nice and early for that. strong-contrast-steps-1-3Strong Contrast Steps.

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