Seagulls playing catch.

Even land locked as I am I’ve always adored seagulls and love watching their acrobatics in the air. I’ve watched them drop mussels to crack the shells on stony beaches but had forgotten about that behaviour, its not often I get to a stony beach that also has the combination of an abundance of mussels.  So as I was watching these seagulls a couple of weeks ago and had noticed that they were dropping things a fellow photographer told me they actually catch the stone/mussel in mid air.. Catch!  Of course they immediately stopped performing and I didn’t witness the behaviour.

Until yesterday. 

I managed to get lots of shots of seagulls carrying stone/mussels and dropping them but not an actual sequence… until I eventually did get a sequence..

Before I show you there are two different breeds of seagulls that I saw doing this, so they must have taught each other and they fly up and perform it with such gusto, that they are obviously enjoying the game.  They drop catch, drop, catch, drop catch several times before coming down for a breather.  Who knew seagulls enjoyed games…


‘Well caught!’

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