Tree Creeper

Time ticks on doesn’t it. It feels like weeks since I wrote a blog post.  What have I been up to?  Well, I’m currently getting to grips with an Open University course on photography, which of course is great fun but time consuming.  I never have enough time to read all that I would like to, but I think that is the problem of an enquiring, education is a life long journey, eclectic kind of mind.  There have been almost continuous daily jaunts to our local wild life reserve which hubby and I find very satisfying.  For me it gives me everything soothing in life that I need, coupled with a goodly amount of exercise and a passionate response to learning in the photography and wildlife/birds department, along with enjoying mucky clothes and boots and finding new friends  who are nearly as crazy as I am – it’s a heady combination and I am loving it completely.  I think hubby just likes the peace and quiet and the satisfaction of getting the shot, oh and the cake, all home made from the very good cafe.   It is a real buzz, who would have thought it.  Mind you, it was always there wasn’t it, the trips to the zoo and wildlife parks, the feeding of the birds, the photography, the allotment with all the wildlife, some welcome, some not!  It was all just a build up wasn’t it, to becoming a full time birder.

There has been no crafting of any degree, the only crafting is taking place in trying to learn more about the art of photography, with varying degrees of success, mainly they are just snaps still, but happy snaps and I really don’t mind. I have the sparks of a longing to take a sock to knit to the hide one day, but its just so busy at the moment with all the birds starting to pair up and nest and then I have the woodland walks planned just as soon as my mono pod comes, which is tomorrow..  maybe I’ll tuck a sock in my kit and do a fast ten minute knit while I have my lunch.

Today I saw a Tree Creeper, not just a Tree Creeper, but a Tree Creeper with nesting material in its beak.  I have wanted to observe a Tree Creeper for so long and they are practically impossible to see.  Fortunately I have very good new found friends who are both knowledgable and don’t mind sharing information and are quite capable of telling me to shut up as I come bounding up the path – I would never have seen this beautiful bird without help.


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