Spring is on its way.

I can feel a change in the weather now, not least I need the bedroom window open at night again, lest I over heat during the night as I haven’t gotten around to changing over to a lighter quilt.  But it is definitely a sign that things are warmer.  Of course the ‘blossom and sunshine’ hasn’t escaped my notice and it is always my very favourite time of the year when the blossom bursts through tightly packed acid green buds to form a soft pale pastel froth over spiky barren branches, all against the richest of blue skies, a shade of blue that one had forgotten about during the long winter months.

I must say we have had another mild winter. It is going to be a real shock to the system if we ever get a winter of my childhood, I suspect many people simply won’t have sturdy enough boots or warm enough coats to really cope well.  I very rarely throw a good coat out, it is used for walking and gardening until it’s thread bare or another old coat surpasses it that is warmer.  My current old coat is twenty years old, it really doesn’t look it and it has kept me warm all winter whilst sitting in a bird hide,  aided by several layers which include hand knitted jumpers made of lambs wool and/or alpaca along with knitted cowls, hats, gloves and last but not least hand knitted socks.  On the worst days there has been considerable thinking about knitting myself a balaclava, that warmth all around the neck and over the ears would be very welcome indeed.

But we are through the worst and as the days lengthen I look forward to long days and evenings spent gazing at the wonder of nature, grateful for the sun on my back and the sweet fresh air.

Yesterday we walked through the woods to see how our Nuthatches were getting on, but they weren’t at home, as we walked through the woods, they are simply alive with birdsong, so loud it is almost deafening, we came across this little fellow. Having a wonderful time. And then a Jay popped in to say hello, such a pretty bird, never seen one this close before.

Every day is different, it is wonderful.


One thought on “Spring is on its way.

  1. Jenny Dukeshire says:

    So happy that you’re enjoying the birds. It’s funny you should talk about the sky being bluer in the summer as here, nothing can compare with the blue of our winter sky reflected on the snow. It’s without a doubt, my time of year.


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