#walk1000miles update.

Nearly at the end of April and the weather improves daily. Recording my mileage has not been without serious hiccups, not least my Fitbit stopped recording so I had to wait for a new one and later I simply lost the charger. I know, but it’s only about three inches long and has obviously been put somewhere. So while resisting the temptation to buy a new one whilst waiting for it to turn up, it didn’t, I wasn’t counting as accurately.

Now I have sat and worked out I am averaging 2.4 miles a day, well my phone worked out it was 2.2 but as there are big chunks missing as I don’t tend to take my phone with me on days out if hubby and I are together, I’ve tweaked it a little, but not a lot.

Which means I’ve walked 268 miles.  Not quite on track but the summer is ahead of us and so are the long glorious days.

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