The Photographer’s Ephemeris and Hatton Locks.

My photography club organised a small outing to photograph the full moon rising perfectly from the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ as its commonly known at Hatton Locks. It was then that I was first introduced to the App of The Photographer’s Ephemeris that I can see as a photographer or just lover of sunsets and the occasional sunrise having a lot of fun with.

If you put in the location of Hatton Locks and go back to the date of the 10th May, you will see that a full moon perfectly aligned with the locks and that soon after the moon started to rise, in the opposite direction the sun started to set. It was a magical evening… well it was apart from the cloud.. So by the time the moon had cleared the clouds it was no longer in perfect alignment, but I feel in this case, as I was there, tripod at the ready and I haven’t increased the size of the moon., it is only a small tweak with photoshop to drag the moon back into a central and slightly lower position.  I always find those pictures amusing where the moon has been made bigger, its always obvious to me that a little skullduggery has taken place.

The next evening was hubby’s birthday,  I think the moon was in an even better position and only just off the full moon, but alas it was even cloudier.

The App works globally so even in unfamiliar territory, but wanting that spectacular sunrise/sunset, it is easy to find out which way to head. I am not going to make a landscape photographer anytime soon, but at least when I practise with this App in hand it will help to bring me something that is a little interesting, one hopes!

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