Cake is in the house – Lemon polenta cake

I must say last weeks Cake is in the house Parkin went down a storm with the boys in the hide, after a few days resting the delicious treacly, oaty, gingery, stickiness of the cake came into its own and it certainly fuelled that evenings session of owl watching. One to make again, but perhaps when the weather is cooler to get all the benefit of an injection of turbo fuelled cake.

Which left me wanting something a bit lighter in the cake tin this week. I had thought of a lemon drizzle but then I thought that might be just a bit too light and miss its mark after the Parkin. So I needed something in-between a feather light cake and one that you could use as ballast to sink concrete godfathers into, when my mind wandered over to an old favourite that I used to make regularly when I was at college, Nigella Lawson’s Lemon Polenta cake.

Let me tell you a little about this cake should you wish to have a go at it yourself and I strongly suggest you do. It has made Angels weep with joy at its magnificent buttery, lemony, slightly eggyness, think lemon curd but in cake form. When made with fine polenta, it is perfection. When made with a medium grain polenta, fine not always being readily available, it becomes a slightly gritty, but equally lemony, buttery version, just as fine and definitely worth making a second pot of tea for for that straightening the cake up slice.

My version today is made with a medium grain polenta, I prefer the smooth polenta version, but really we are talking the difference between a perfect 10 and a 9 and 3/4’s.  This cake is so easy to put together, it takes no time at all.Icing sugar dissolved into the juice of the lemons drizzled over the baked cake. And the grand reveal. It was everything it was supposed to be, a tiny piece of comforting lemony buttery goodness on a dull British summers day, just perfect.

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