Reading in Heels, August 2018

I don’t know about you, but when I enter a bookshop these days, just longing to pick up a little something to indulge in, I become a little confused at all of the choice and often as not end up with another cookery/gardening/photography book to add to my collection, rather than the quick pick me up of a dreamy/funny/engaging,  piece of modern literary fiction with which to engross myself in.

I have in the past tried reading groups, which were often fully booked, meaning I didn’t get a place, or I became double booked that evening, next I contemplated a book subscription service from private book sellers in London, but became a little shocked at the price and the year long subscription and wondered if the books chosen might be a little highfaluting, when all I really want is something to immerse myself in, curl up with and enjoy.  So my desire for a helping hand to lead me through the myriad of new novelists has often been thwarted.

When Reading in Heels popped into view, Ooooh, a book subscription service, with modern fiction, for girlies, with added goodies, I may have become a little light headed at this point. I do love a subscription, I have a couple of beauty boxes and one food and they are always so much fun.  So I read a few reviews as you do, and they were all good,  I grasped the nettle and ordered my first book.  At that point I found I could order one month at a time, which is marvellous, no subscription to get tied into.  The price came to £10.00 plus p & p, which I believe was £12.40. The books cover price this month was £9.99 so I am happy enough with that.

It came this morning, so exciting, lets delve in shall we.

It was lovely packaging and I became quite giddy at this point. Did I mention it is their first birthday this month, which seemed to add to the frisson of excitement. Firstly you get a little index card to fill in and pop into your book. So cute.  And then a leaflet to tell you all about the book and what is in your box. Oooh its wrapped up in white tissue paper, the tension mounts.  So many pretty goodies. Firstly some real wine gums, with real wine! It is always nice to have a sweet treat while reading.Next a rather nice Coconut Lane marble notebook, A5, original cost £4.50 and a pencil from Night Navy on Etsy at just over £1.00  I’m always partial to a little stationary, one can never have too many notebooks. Flashpatch are new to me, I’m really looking forward to trying these, and these seem to have come in at just over £2.00 each. Just the perfect gift to oneself to relax and enjoy a little me time, while soothing gritty summer eyes. And then we have the book! I picked this up a couple of weeks ago and then put it back, not sure whether to buy it or not. I was so incredibly pleased to get it. Let me copy Reading in Heels review to give you a taster.

Long before Markle and Middleton, there was Margaret: a princess quite different from that pretty perfect protocol-ed pair. In fact, she was rather difficult. In Ma’am Darling, Craig Brown offers us ’99 Glimpses of Princess Margaret’ – and she’s nothing short of absolutely fascinating. Critically acclaimed and regularly referred to as ‘a masterpiece’ this has to be one of the funniest books we’ve read in some time. Banish any preconceptions of boring biographies stuffed with tedious dates and facts, Ma’am Darling is captivating, entertaining – and unputdownable.  #MaamDarling

Sounds absolutely perfect.

Oh and there is a digital book club to write a review and read others, along with the reviews of the last 12 books that I have missed, should I need a quick fix before next month.

thank you Reading in Heels.

2 thoughts on “Reading in Heels, August 2018

  1. Noelle says:

    Just the book for you to enjoy after a hard day at the allotment…..enjoy the goodies too. Are these add one for their first anniversary of a regular monthly event?


    • mandycharlie says:

      From what I can gather they do regular treats, mainly comprising of a sweet treat, a teabag/coffee bag, a beauty product and sometimes a stationary gift. A couple of vloggers on utube show you different months.


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