September is for planning.

Who didn’t love the lure of a newly bought carefully chosen pencil case, freshly sharpened pencils and a brand new rubber. September, the time for new clothes, even if they were school uniform, shiny black shoes and pencil cases stuffed into school bags.

I may no longer be a part of school life, in any capacity, our boys long since grown, but I still feel the change of season most keenly. Even the noise of the traffic changes on the day the kids go back to school, it becomes much heavier. Along with that the squeals of excited children and I know the seasons are changing.

I pray for one long last blast of heat to enjoy in relative solitude, whether that be from walking Rupert over the parks, swings still swaying from last minute games on the way to school. Or up the plot, catching up on jobs that were forgotten in the scorch of August, again perceptively quieter now the school bell has rung for the start of its academic year.

I usually return to planning myself. Who can resist coloured pens, bright washi tape and duck shaped paper clips, not I. And with planning I find calmness and should I say this, a little hygge creeps into my life and I smile and I am happy. Happy Sunday, happy September.

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