A New Arrival

The smell of a very young puppy is just heavenly. It runs neck and neck with new baby smell and I’d be hard pressed to tell you  which I actually prefer. I can tell you this though, puppy feet smell just like cheesy wotsits, which is just so cute! 

Meet Teddy. 


The story goes, Ruperts breeder was having another litter which would be related to Rupert. We had thought about it, but because hubby was having the odd moment of not being quite right, we’d pushed the idea away. But then, you knew there was a but then, one can’t live ones life on buts and maybes. So we tootled over to have a look at the last two of the litter, and low and behold the pup I’d fallen for weeks ago was still there. Although I hadn’t realised that until I looked over the litter photos later. What I do know is I instantly connected with this pup, it was something about the eyes and that lovely dark muzzle, the pup instantly connected with us and first fell asleep on hubby, then woke up, came over to see me, fell asleep, then woke up and went back to hubby. The other pup had long since disappeared bored by the whole proceedings.

Out for the count.
My Bears. 
Ruperts baby. 

Rupert has taken to him so well, it’s lovely to watch them play and then snuggle up together while they sleep. Don’t be alarmed, Rupert has just been castrated so they don’t fight when they are older.

Nearly 9 weeks. 

We are so lucky to have such a happy puppy, now I just wonder when he’ll start sleeping through the night! 

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