Merry Christmas

The last few weeks have been difficult, hubby has not been well and even after a barrage of tests we are no further forward in finding out what the problem may be.

So we take each day as it comes, the good with the rough and realise that even on the good days everything takes so much longer.

On one of the good days we went Christmas tree hunting and found this incredible beauty. I think it’s the most beautiful tree we have ever had.

There have been other lovely moments one of which we enjoyed a trip to the theatre to see Puss in Boots, who can resist a pantomime at Christmas, and off course I met with several people I knew, such is the charm of living in a small town.

Slowly by small degrees our home is Christmas ready.

Merry Christmas everybody, may you be happy however you choose to spend the day.

One thought on “Merry Christmas

  1. Noelle says:

    Love your ‘light show’, and Barry looks like the man who got his tree and knows it. It a super one that you chose. I remember that lovely patchwork tree skirt too that you made a few years ago. Hope all your Christmas wishes come true. xx


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