New year resolutions.

As usual, I have a few New Year resolutions that are in the eat less, move more spectrum. My main resolution for the month of January is to swim daily. That is a big ask for me because I’m now swimming 40 lengths in an hour session, and I know I’ve done it, often ending up in bed by 8.30 p.m. as I’m just too tired to sit up. Along with this there is more dog walking to do, dog training sessions to attend and as soon as a space opens up a weekly swimming lesson – just for me! This I am very excited about, I’d love to learn to crawl properly and I’ve never had a proper swimming lesson, apart from the 10 weeks with thirty other children in my year for half an hour aged 12. Although our junior school did have a pool so at least we learnt to swim in our daily 10 minutes. So to have 12 adults and one trainer for an hour! Will be absolute bliss.

As some of my regular readers know, I love a new project. At one time I used to feel guilty for not, in the traditional sense of things, finishing things. But not anymore, I accept who I am.

Happy New Year everyone, have fun!

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