As I wander up to the allotment I feel the unseasonal warmth gently seep through my winter woollies and many cotton layers and I smile. The weather may be unseasonal but it is very welcome and I’ll take my chances as to whether we will suffer for it in the long run. I am carrying seeds and seed trays, a flask of hot coffee and a few biccies to while away an hour or two at the plot while listening to the birds trill their happy song in the bright sunshine. It is a blissful moment in time and I look forward to the beginning of the allotment year all winter. We have brassicas sprouting, they were sown just over a week ago and will germinate in a lower temperature.Hidden underneath all of this netting to keep hungry pidgeons off a tasty snack is spring cabbage that I started in the autumn and has been overwintering tucked into a corner of the garden at home. Onions we planted in the autumn are doing well.As are the shallots. Hubby has planted the early and second early potatoes and our mint and rhubarb are springing to life. Looks like it’s going to be a good year.

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