Son no.1’s Birthday bash.

Just a quick picture to remind me what a great lunch we had, altogether just us 5. Son no.1 is 30 now, Gosh, Wow, I’m definitely middle aged, fast moving towards old age.. I don’t feel like that, I feel like I am still a child, continuing to grow and mature. Son no.1 often helps with that though, challenging my ideas, making me see my flaws, practically every conversation I have with him, he’ll pick flies with my internal thought process. I wonder if that ever changes, I wonder if children ‘Ever’ think, ‘oh wow Mum you have some wisdom, I just couldn’t see it,’ I doubt it. It’s good, I like it, I’m proud of him for being such a keen thinker of the political/sexist/racist/environmental situations that exist in the world today. Things often pass me by and he brings things into sharp focus for me. Love that boy.

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