Chilli Challah Salad by Midnight Chicken

I often end up with a large nub of sourdough that lingers in the bread bin, waiting to be transformed into cheese on toast or a bread and butter pudding or as has been happening most recently it turns a freckly green and ends up in the bin. I often feel guilty of the waste when that happens and try not to let it happen, even if it’s just bagged up as breadcrumbs and then tossed into the freezer. A good chef will use everything, I think I have been told, many times, while studying for my ‘O’ level in Home Economics, oh so many years ago. So it was with guilt increasing that I turned the page in Midnight Chicken whilst curled up in bed and knew immediately what I would make for lunch the next day.

We have tomatoes and cucumbers in abundance from the allotment, along with chilli’s and garlic and there are always a few onions from the shops knocking around in the bottom of the fridge. In fact the more I looked at this recipe, the more I wondered almost in awe as to how perfect a recipe it is for me, especially at this time of the year. And the alchemy of chilli, anchovy, garlic, balsamic vinegar and olives was magical.

I made a few amendments, I didn’t have red onions or kalamata olives and of course I didn’t have the Challah bread and I increased the level of anchovies, to just under a full tin, having taste tested a couple just to be certain they were okay. I also doubled the quantities, we really do have plenty of vegetables to get through at the moment.

I’m afraid you’ll have to get the full recipe from the book, but here is my version in all its glory.

We had it with long slices of cheddar, slow roasted butternut squash and home grown beetroot. It was absolutely delicious, perfection on a plate.

Some of the leftovers we had for supper and we finished it up as a lovely Sunday brunch with a couple of boiled eggs and the flavours had magnified over night. I do believe this recipe has made it to my salads for lunch list and very welcome it is too.

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