White Rabbits!

I popped around to Mum and Dad’s yesterday and sat in the garden with my Father for a few minutes. Yes I know technically we were still in lockdown but my Mother who was 83 a few days ago has not been doing so well and its just really difficult to get a true picture of what is really going on by standing at the doorstep. She did come downstairs from her bed and she looks a little stronger than she did the other day and had eaten a little breakfast and soup for lunch, so I am taking that as a sign of improvement.

Anyhoo, whilst chatting to Dad he reminded me it was White Rabbits tomorrow, still in the same excited tones that I remember so well from childhood. I remember being trained in the art of White Rabbits whilst a very young nipper and the frustrations that I had that I couldn’t remember to do it. Every month I’d ask my Dad when it was White Rabbits and he would dutifully remind me the night before. And I’d promise it would be the first thing that I would say. And of course I would forget and there would be a flash of disappointment across his face as the first thing he would ask as I entered the kitchen would be if I’d remembered to say White Rabbits and I would sulkily admit I had forgotten, but immediately promise I would remember next month, and so that continued much to my frustration for a couple of months.

Until one glorious sunny day that I woke up and remembered it was White Rabbits and said it out loud. I immediately jumped out of bed and raced down the stairs straight to the kitchen where my Dad was preparing breakfast and bubbling with happiness told him I had said White Rabbits. The joy in his face sparkled back at me.

This morning the first thing I said was White Rabbits, I shall ring him later and tell him, and I know he will be overjoyed just as he was some fifty years ago.

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