The thrill of the chase

Is there anything more satisfying than spotting the right piece to slot into a jigsaw puzzle. I don’t think so. You might notice that there are two pieces missing, that is because two Christmas’s ago one puppy dog called Rupert took a liking to the jigsaw pieces and munched a couple, so we had to put it away not realising that two had disappeared! So we never got the satisfaction of that final click as you put the last piece in, but it doesn’t matter. Hubby and I started this particular puzzle, hubby and son no.2 did large chunks and then son no.2 and I stayed up very late one night and had a marathon session on it, with much banter and laughter along the way. We left it in one piece to surprise hubby, I’m not sure if he was pleased or disappointed that he didn’t join in the fun. I’ve bought him a couple more jigsaws which includes one of London. Oh the joys of Lockdown!

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