Summer Solstice and new beginnings.

I can’t remember who started the conversation, but during an impromptu evening walk with a very good friend I commented that I would love to do this every morning, early. And so it was a plan was formed.

The next morning, at ten to six, I texted to say I was up and received a reply that so were they and we were on.

6.30 a.m. we were off on our walk, chatting rather loudly, I’m sorry if we woke you up with our laughter as we trotted up the town and round the Abbey Fields meeting many lovely dogs, admiring all of the birds and exclaiming loudly with wonder at the size of the fish as they jumped out of the water to catch flies in the early morning light. The ducks were still fast asleep.

It was then that I remembered that it was the Summer Solstice. The start of new beginnings and light and joy. The promise of the sun, no matter how hard the winter, that it will always return.

I felt comforted by this accidental happening, our new plans to land on such an auspicious day.

I think it bodes well especially after the grimness of the last six months, to have plans with good solid foundations for growth, exercise and health coupled hand in hand with laughter, fun and joy. And that is what is going to get me up in the early hours of the morning.

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