Chutney and piccalilli.

At the moment I feel like I want to potter in the kitchen in the evening. I feel like it may be connected to the grief. I don’t want to sit and knit or sew, too much time to wander off daydreaming to find myself upset again, reading books can trigger memories as well, and I just can’t take it at the moment. But cooking immerses me completely. But there is only so much cooking you can do, Dad is getting well fed at the moment with roast dinners and cakes whipped up quickly in the Kenwood at nearly midnight. So my attention has turned to creating preserves out of all of our lovely veg from the plot.

I picked some courgettes the other day and remembered this lovely recipe I created many a long year ago.

It has good balance so I used it as a template to make another large batch of chutney.

Vegetables were duly chopped and simmered to within an inch of their lives.

I think we were about four and a half hours in at this stage.

And eventually with careful stirring we had these.

At the same time I used up some peaches that I had in the fridge and some lovely chillis to make this tasty jam/chutney and this time I used my own home made cider vinegar. This tastes so good already, I can’t wait to try it with a tangy cheese.

And then that evening, because I am just a little bit crazy at the moment.

I decided to make a batch of sweet Piccalilli – and I know it is going to be so good. Actually a piccalilli is reasonably quick to make, just a bit messy and you do need some good sized pans and colanders.

I do feel happier to have some home made preserves filling my cupboards again. I can see many more preserving adventures in the dead of night in my near future. Rest assured I am quite happy pottering about in my kitchen at the witching hour, I find it very restful, its so quiet and I really love that at the moment.

One thought on “Chutney and piccalilli.

  1. Noelle M says:

    Looking good, and slowly getting tastier and tastier as they mature…..Great that it is also your very own apple vinegar. You must be so pleased.


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