January 2021

Well that was an interesting December, Christmas, New Year. I think I hit the most massive slump which I am still in. But fingers crossed it all comes good in the end.

I prepared vegetables from the plot, made my Dad a full Christmas meal for him and my eldest brother, which seemed to go down well, made Christmas cakes, christmas pudding and mince pies. I think these activities kept me sane and I just wish there could have been more of them and we could have had the family Christmas we had planned and promised my Dad. But like so many of us we just had to do the best we could.

Now, as the virus cases continue to rise, I think we will be heading for even stricter measures. It’s no wonder really, even in my small home town people think that it is perfectly acceptable to queue up for coffee as though it were a vital food source that will indeed keep them alive. The queues get longer and tighter and with this new highly infectious variant, how can they be sure that they are doing enough to stay safe. Well you can’t as the increased number of cases testifies.

The last time I had contact with a supermarket, was when Dad bought me a salmon to fillet to make Gravlax for Christmas on the 19th and then I did a quick top up shop at the greengrocers on the 21st, the Monday before Christmas.

Not too shabby considering I only fillet a salmon about twice a year!

Here’s a quick tip, save the bones and head and poach in the oven in water for 10 minutes and then pick it over, it is surprising how much fish you can find, easily enough for two very decadent poached salmon sandwiches for a very fine lunch or the doings for some very grand fish cakes. Waste not, want not, as my grandmother would say.

So it is 21 days since I last went to the shops. Fortunately I have a milkman and hubby washes the bottles with soapy water as they come into the house and decants the eggs into our pottery chicken. We also buy sacks of potatoes from him, we can leave them for a few days after bringing them in, so they are hopefully covid free.

We are not doing so bad, we are at the last of the lettuce and tomatoes, the bananas have been eaten, we have a few apples, oranges and lemons left. Loads of tomatoes and vegetables in the freezer along with meat and fish, a draw full of onions in the fridge and enough flour to last a couple of months at least. Today I made a large lasagne from a ragu I had made a couple of months before and then I made a beautiful blackcurrant ice cream from our home grown black currants picked in the summer and a fresh custard I had made this afternoon, we are not doing so bad. The egg whites shall be made into macaroons as I have found some desiccated coconut and I’ll even be able to decorate them with some chocolate that hubby remembered we had. And if all else fails there is the tinned fruit I stashed for Brexit. Fortunately the pandemic came at the same time that there was so much nervousness about Brexit and I’d made sure our store cupboards were well stocked.

We seem to have had some difficulty with our seed delivery for the allotment this year. I’d wanted to start my leeks off, but unfortunately that is not to be. I hope they arrive in the next couple of weeks.

The allotment is giving us brussel sprouts, parsnips, purple sprouting, kale and rainbow chard along with the odd cabbage. At least we are getting all of our vitamins.

I might even break out a war time recipe book, to see what hidden gems I am able to unearth.

Until next time, stay safe.

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