40 days and counting.

Forty days without the distraction of a grocery delivery or shopping trip. Even though I know we are more than capable of going for much, much longer on this journey, I would welcome the joy of gazing and smelling of fresh fruits and vegetables that are so abundant in our grocery shops and supermarkets. But more than that I would not welcome Covid, so we remain strong, if not a little taunted by the idea.

The last post I wrote about the AstraZeneca vaccine only being 8% effective in the older generation proved not to be correct, such is the speed that false news can travel in this day and age. All is well where efficacy in the older generation is concerned. We have however passed 100,000 deaths. This leaves all of us very sad indeed.

In good news for our little family, Dad and hubby have both had their first jabs and in both cases next day complained about pain in their vaccination site, I am taking this as a good sign that the vaccine is doing its job.

Our fridge continues to do a fantastic job, but we really are at the end of fresh tomatoes, we have a few carrots left, lots of onions, sack of potatoes and the allotment. We also have a good selection of meat and vegetables in tins and the freezer from my Brexit stash, so all is not lost. So to cheer us up we rescued the smoked salmon out of the freezer to make us a cheering lunch with home made coleslaw from our own cabbage and a little beetroot which we ate with a slice of homemade bread.

We try to eat fresh vegetables in some way or another every day, I think this is so important, but along with that we are taking our multi vitamins, vitamin D and fish oils supplements to try and keep us in fine fettle.

I decided to have a look through my cookery bookcase and found these two beauties. Are we not fortunate to live in a country that the potato is a staple of our diet. There is just so much one can do with it and I feel it is so much more nutritious than wheat or rice and I think far tastier. These two books have given me fresh inspiration for our suppers, but it is the humour of Potato Pete and other little ditties that have given me the most pleasure. I shall share some with you. Until the next time, stay safe.

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