Day 50 of no grocery shopping and I cracked.

Yesterday I had a really emotional day, not in a good way. I’m not sleeping, when I do sleep its only for an hour and then accompanied by weird dreams and then I want to sleep during the day. Lockdown has really gotten to me. I also found out that although the area we live in has a relatively low infection rate, the area Son no.1 lives in is sky high and parts of it are now being tested for the South African variant.

I check our local daily rates regularly and I noticed that they have just started a blip upwards, mmm. Not good.

So I ordered a delivery from Tesco with all the wonderful fruits and vegetables that we have been missing.

Then I cancelled it.

Then I had another breakdown.

After my breakdown I watched Coronation Street, I haven’t seen it for 15 – 20 ? years.

It hasn’t changed, i’m thinking some of the actors don’t seem to age as fast as I am.

Then I started to clean the oven.

This never happens…

I go and lay down and think ‘buggar it’ and order a huge selection of fruit and veg from Morrisons via Amazon.

I’m pretty stressed about it.

But it has been fifty days and if we get away with it and we do another fifty days I may be vaccinated by then.

And who knows it may become a new thing for us to go much longer between shopping trips. I am sure sometimes supermarket shopping can be used just as a form of entertainment.

Maybe shopping seven times a year could be a thing. Easily doable with the supplementation from the allotment in the summer.

We shall see.

But tomorrow we shall have a pancake day a week early to use up all the tired looking lemons and limes in the fridge. Hubby is very much looking forward to it.

And in the shopping being delivered tomorrow I have squirrelled away two sirloin steaks, prawns and ice creams.. to have our own little valentine celebration to show the man I love just how sorry I am that he has to put up with me having breakdowns during lockdown.

Stay safe everyone, until next time.

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