The insomnia is in full flow tonight, it is 5.15 a.m. and I’ve not had a blink of sleep, the trouble then is I just have to have a nap in the afternoon otherwise I will keel over and so it all begins again. Covid eh!

There is good news for me at least, because I am an unpaid carer to Dad, or maybe its because I have quite a few health problems of my own, whose to know they don’t tell you why, I’ve been bumped up the list and was vaccinated yesterday. It is a big relief to get a vaccine, bearing in mind I have been self isolating for over a year now because of hubby with only a brief respite to look after Mum before she died and to console Dad as best I could before we went back into lockdown at the start of January and then the winter blues on top of all that. It’s not been a good year. I feel all creativity has died in me, which is terrible really, but I just feel absolutely worn out, which is I suspect a type of depression and I’ll be very glad in three weeks time when I can walk around without so much anxiety when someone passes me.

I do have plans to start wandering into various towns and cities nearby on a regular twice weekly basis just as soon as I can and am making a list of coffee shops that I wish to visit as well as other interesting shops or galleries. I think Covid has taught me not to take things for granted and that life is for the living. So gallivant I shall go. Even if its just to go to Coventry Market and pick up some lovely fresh fruits and vegetables, along with a bunch of pinks or daffs that have been stacked high to sell for not much money from the pretty iron and glass circular flower stall.

Then hopefully this depression will lift and my creative spark shall return. I have plans to make another quilt this year, the fabric is sat in my sewing room, I think as the days lighten it might be time to start work on that. You would think that having been locked in we would have sorted out the sewing room, but apparently not. I think we were quite happy in many ways to just stare at the coal fire and try to relax.

I continue to make nice treats for hubby and Dad and last weeks was a lovely cinnamon and apple pie. They are lucky boys!

Stay well.

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