Just an aid memoir that we had snow in November! I can’t ever remember that happening before. I wonder if it is a sign that this winter is going to be colder than normal. With us having such mild winters I think there would be deep shock and probably some ill equipped people in the way of warm clothes and footwear were we to experience the winters we did as a child in the early 80’s. With one particular winter where it was still snowing heavily in March! The country nearly came to a standstill because of the terrible weather, and school children were still expected to walk the nearly three miles to school, no days off for a bit of snow in those days.

Needless to say we are well prepared in the mandycharlie household. The chimney was swept a couple of weeks ago, fuel and firelighters have been bought as have candles, the cupboards are full, emergency long life milk is in the cupboard and I have plenty of flour for bread. I love winter but I don’t want to go out when it is slippy, I have no sense of balance at the best of times, something to do with small feet for my height I suspect.

So I shall tuck myself up with my knitting and my Christmas baking and all will be well with my world.

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