Other winter veg that will keep us happy.

Quite labour intensive are leeks. Pricking out and puddling in, along with carefully weeding around them. Although you can’t see it in this picture, I have about 96 leeks. So it was backbreaking work but it should be worth it come January, when the frosts are fierce and there is a bubbling pot of home made leek and potato soup to welcome my boys home with.

Some lovely Kale, which will be most welcome mid winter.

And lastly a picture of half of our plot. You can see the greenhouse acquired on ebay that hubby put up in gale force winds and constant rain one weekend in February (he’d spent the previous fortnight digging out the footings and putting in a concrete base) along with my lovely, gorgeous, mine all mine, potting shed, that has been grandly furnished from the tip, no expense spared! Our compost heaps and rows of vegetables that should come good, fingers crossed and quite a lot of weeds! Still, it will all get tidied up for the winter and then to dream about next years treasures, their delights and disappointments.

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