Winter is nearly here.

So the time was right to start on a new winter scarf. I’m very pleased with this, its an Irish Hiking Scarf and I thought the cables and especially the sides were very beautiful.

Another pair of Fetchings are on the way.

Auntie Audrey’s Socks, knitted under duress and much nagging from mum. What is a girl to do when her mum is literally in high pitched mode pleading for a lovely pair of socks for her sister. Of course I capitulated, but they have turned out rather nicely and I caught mum baking a Christmas cake for my hubby and boys today, so she is definitely forgiven.

I picked the last of the courgettes today, it was a very sad moment. They have made me very happy over the summer months with their eagerness to please and their delightful colour.

Although a close cousin, the butternut squash, should keep us happy for a little while at least.

We picked all of the plum tomatoes today, probably about 20lb, so I will spend tomorrow morning processing them to freeze. We also picked all of the cherry tomatoes that were left, I would think about 6lb. Mum had a couple of pounds of them, along with some carrots that were huge.. and looked perfect, no carrotfly on them at all, so we were very pleased.

We also dug out some baby beetroots to have in the week. Strangely, the first row of beetroot is producing tiny beetroots, yet it was planted six weeks before the row that is producing quite large, nearly tennis ball sized beetroots. I have no idea why, same variety and only about three feet apart so I wouldn’t have thought a micro climate was having an effect. One day I may get hit by inspiration as to why this has happened, but somehow I doubt it.

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