An Elf has come to play.

I’ve finally managed to finish my Elfin hat from Interweave knits, and I love it. Its so cozy and warm and it has such a fun element in it. I just love the way the pompom bounces around my head, (how old am I!!) I am going to have to knit a red version as Christmas is around the corner, Ho, Ho, Ho…

Seriously though folks, Becky, who I have never met, who is a wondrous woman, knitted me the version below in the summer, when my head was so cold and I really needed a woolly hat and there was nothing to be bought in the shops. I put out a distress call on Ravelry, something along the lines of , “I need a woolly hat:” and she came to my rescue. I was and still am so very grateful, she was a godsend. Thank you Becky,


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