My first major green moment, “ribbit”

Yes, I have had to frog the Cobblestone jumper. 😦

Rachel very kindly gave me a quick maths lesson on how to work out the guage on Tuesday evening. I’m still not sure exactly how the maths works, just that it works.

I took it a stage further and re measured one of hubby’s jumpers that is a little baggy and realised I might be out by quite a margin. I’ve had to wait over two days as hubby simply hasn’t been around at a sensible hour to try the jumper on, whilst I critically appraise it.

This morning at something silly o’clock, (about 4.30) thoughts of the Cobblestone jumper were chuntering around in my brain, to give it to Dad because it would fit him, only Dad doesn’t wear jumpers. To give it to son no.2 as he’s built like a rugby player and will with a growth spurt be nearing 6ft 3” within a year, but he doesn’t wear jumpers. To give it to son no.1, who is a slimmer build (not much slimmer, but slimmer) than the other two, he doesn’t have such huge shoulders, but it would just look silly. And… I really wanted to knit a jumper for hubby.

So hubby has just tried the jumper to get the size from on at just gone 6 a.m. Sadly, we have decided that the Cobblestone jumper is going to be too big. So it has been frogged. I might need a day or so away from it before starting again, just to get over it. Its a sad loss. Only knitters will understand those last comments.

2 thoughts on “My first major green moment, “ribbit”

  1. Carie says:

    oh no!! you have my very deepest sympathy – just keep repeating to yourself how much value for money you’re getting out of the yarn in price per minute used and also “I like knitting, this is knitting, therefore I like it!!!”


  2. Mary says:

    there there. At least you won’t have to look at a not-quite-right finished item and thing “if only I’d frogged it when I realised there was an issue…”


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