What huge parsnips we have, and another hat!

We decided to dig up a couple of parsnips to try them, its a bit early, they say you should have a few hard frosts first to make them sweet, but we just couldn’t wait to see what we had. We were so surprised to find these beauties. We had them this evening to go with a homemade cottage pie. I roasted them gently and then glazed them with honey and sesame seeds, they were delicious.

We picked the last of the french beans and peas today, dug the rest of the beetroot out and tidied up the herb section. The tomatoes are still ripening in the greenhouse, if we can just get a little bit lucky with the frosts, we should get most of them ripened.

This is made from a free pattern from Elle to make a felted hat. I used Elle Wool Boutique Merino Brights in Underbrush. I lengthened the pattern at the rim and on the length of the hat, to accomodate my larger than the average bears head and this seems to have worked quite well. At least it covers my ears, as it wouldn’t have done had I not altered the pattern.

I wasn’t sure about this hat before I felted it, but it is growing on me. It would be perfect if it didn’t have the bright green circle at the top, which looks to me like I’ve just been connected to and am just about to be beamed back to the mother ship 🙂

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