Cable scarf finished.

Its amazing how much you can knit when your feeling a tad grumpy with the world. I’ve been knitting since 5.30 a.m. as I could no longer sleep. ‘Twas a bad day yesterday 😦 Without boring you all with the details, I had to face up to the fact that I will probably never have hair again. I knew it was coming, I am internet savvy after all, but it was still a tough call when my consultant said the words. For some reason, whats upset me the most is that my grandchildren, (should I be so blessed) will never know me with hair. I know there are so many cruel and heartless things going on in the world and really my hairloss doesn’t even register and I do feel so very selfish feeling like this, when it could be oh so very much worse. It just hurts at the moment.

So today, I have knitted and sewn beautiful beads on my cable scarf and all I need to do is to block it. And that is all I have done, to the point that if my darling children hadn’t made me tea, I would probably be a shriveled up prune like person on the sofa as we speak. It helped, it stopped me thinking and leaking and I know tomorrow will be a little bit better than today.

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