Life has gone on.

Its been a sad weekend, as you might imagine from my previous post. Contacting friends with such news is not very pleasant.

Bizzarly my left kidney became very painful on Saturday and has remained so most of Sunday. I gave up in the end at about 5 p.m. and took some ibuprofen and that seems to have calmed things down a bit. It has stopped me in my tracks though and what was meant to be a good dig at the allotment, turned out to be a ten minute visit, during which pitiful cries of, “I don’t think I can do any digging” and “its getting worse, I feel really quite ill” before hubby bundled me back into the car and took me back to a nice, warm home.

I promise (she says through gritted teeth) that I will see someone if it continues. (she who does so hate going to the docs)

However, I did manage to photograph these little treasures to be..

Carie,…. remember perspective… 🙂

Personally, I am very excited about this. These are very tiny cauliflowers. We had a disaster with our summer cauliflowers. I had grown them from seed, nurtured them, watered them, fed them, they were very well loved cauliflowers. Just as they were nearing perfection, (although a bit small) I suggested to hubby, that we should pick them as I had a vision of jars of my home made sweet picalilli lined up for Christmas, which hubby adores. And hubby said “no … leave them for a week…” and then… you may remember…. It rained and rained and rained and we just couldn’t get onto the plot and when we did, two whole rows of beautiful cauliflowers had ‘blown’ (that means got too big and had flowered and were going to seed) and were going rotten because everything was so wet and they ALL ended up on the compost heap. These lovely little curds are only ping pong sized at the moment, but they do look very nice.

And the other exciting news is….

Some of our sprouts are developing, so we may get sprouts very soon and hopefully have some left for Christmas day. These are called Union and were given to us as tiny seedlings by an old boy three plots down. They are doing really well, the type I grew, Evesham, most of them haven’t firmed up into tiny button type shapes and have remained open like a flower, so no sprouts for us from that variety, although the chickens will love having a couple of stalks hanging in their chicken run to feast on.

Knitting news..

I’m nearly up to the arm holes for hubbys Cobblestone jumper. I think (with a bit of help) I can understand the pattern for the arms, but I have no idea what the pattern means on the yoke. I’m taking each stitch as it comes.

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