Shake, Rattle and Roll.

Charlie rather enjoyed his adventure down to the Happy Fields today, aka the Abbey Fields. (before my boys understood it was the Abbey Fields, they always called it the Happy Fields, its kinda stuck) Many picnics have been partook, many afternoons whiled away whilst my boys paddled in the brook. We always went for the day, twice a week in high summer, rucksacks would be packed (we had one each) and off we would march, only to return early evening with two very tired little boys for a quick supper, bath and bed.

Charlie and I haven’t ventured very far since late June, for reasons which some of you will understand, so this was our first adventure for a while, accompanied by my elfin hat. What I really do like about the winter is that this beautiful park is deserted and therefore becomes ours, all ours.. especially on a Monday.

Such beautiful swans,

Such hungry ducks, the birds quickly demolished the loaf of bread I had taken to feed them.

I love this picture, to see Kenilworth Castle quite clearly from the Abbey Fields is wonderful.

A photo from the top of the hill…

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