Blue skys in Boscombe

Some people find an internet cafe whilst abroad, often from lovely mysterious places, me, well, I found one in Boscombe.

I’ve taken piccies, but I have no idea how to download them in an internet cafe and I am afraid I’ll do something silly and lose them from my camera.

The weather here is lovely, I walked, played and knitted for three hours on the beach today, I walked to Bournemouth and back which my husband assures me to my rented flat will be a four mile hike. So, the fitness levels are on the up.

I have finished my Seafoam scarf, am slowly knitting my My so called Scarf and have a learning curve/love/hate/stop/start, with extra research relationship with my secret project. Please send knitting blessings as along with this, it looks very probable that I may run out of wool!!

Things I have learnt whilst enjoying my holiday.

If you wind a skein of wool with a golden retriever in the room there will still be bits of fur attached to it, even if you are knitting said wool in a dog free zone, aka the holiday flat.

Trying to cook mashed potato for one is not very successful. Somehow you need a certain ratio of spud to pan.

There is one, one, knitting shop I have found in Christchurch, nothing in Boscombe unless you count the post office that sells a reasonable amount of acrylic. Of the six shops that I had printed out to find, hubby and I found one, it looks like the others have closed. Which made me realise just how blessed we are.

I get to bed earlier, as I do not have the wonderous internet to distract me.

I really, really do enjoy my own company.

Well, what have I been doing apart from knitting. I’ve been to museums and art exhibitions, beaches, restaurants, cafes, antiquing, walked lots and still have lots on my to do list.

See you when I get back!

2 thoughts on “Blue skys in Boscombe

  1. roger_stradling says:

    hi mandyi didn’t realalize you went through all that, i geuss you didn’t want to worry me, you have taken positive steps to get fully well again lets hope your break gives you new found hope.enjoy the rest of your holliday we can all wait till you get back to see us all.regards good pal dodger !!


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