A quick update.

The weather here is still very good. It brightened up this afternoon until we had blue hazy skies, which was certainly an improvement on the weather forcast. I have heard that there was snow up North. I wonder if any made it to the Midlands, as I know just how much Carie is longing for it.

I have managed to sew together my secret knitting. It took hours, (said in pained tones)but it is knitted up and resembles the article it is meant to. I just have to sew in all the ends and place buttons appropriately.

Must go as the library computer is just about to log me off. An hour can really fly by.

2 thoughts on “A quick update.

  1. Carie says:

    You’re keeping your secret knitting very secret – not even a hint on ravelry!! We didn’t have any snow 😦 but it was very cold recently. Glad you’re having a lovely time, all are well here -I’ll let you know when S’ bump becomes a baby, no news at the moment


  2. roger_stradling says:

    hi mandyare you kniting mum a cardi ? or your dad or hubby ? you can now get started on my aeron jumper.moving this satuday…youv’e heard of the song ‘stair way to heaven’ by led zepelin i have got a stair lift to heaven…ok after a few beers LOLsee ya soondodger


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