I’m home.

I’m back, a few days early. Hubby has projects at work to complete and was feeling a little edgy about time constraints etc, so I trotted home with him tonight. (just incase he gets snowed under and I get stuck) its all okay though, I was ready to come home and see my boys although I had to maintain a zen like composure when I saw the state of the house. I have to admit and all those that know and love me will agree, I am not the best of housekeepers, but even I draw the line at an upended kitchen bin which the dogs have routed through and scattered rubbish in the middle of the living room. Breathe Mandy, Breathe.

I will share my piccies of knitted projects and beach walks later in the week, But this story just tickles me at the moment.

Hubby and I decided to visit the New Forest on the way home, I love ponies and horses but I have no experience of them and to be honest I am nervous. I wish I wasn’t because they are so beautiful, but I am.

This picture is taken, as at the same time I’m saying to hubby, “How near is she getting” and I reach for the electric window winder to wind the window up a bit, press the wrong one, become slightly hysterical, then press mine the wrong way so it completely opens, become even more hysterical, hear this weird screaming sound (which was me) as the ponies head enters the car, try to crawl over hubby to get away, even though I am still strapped in, still screaming hysterically and really loudly, have dropped the camera by this point and am screaming for hubby to help me. Who is…. sitting and laughing at me. He eventually after watching me screaming and shaking for a few more seconds does help me and presses the right button to close the window.

I sit there for a few seconds trying to regain my composure,, the pony is so gentle and just waits but we all know, us three, what just happened.

She lets me stroke her lovely soft nose, and then…

just to reward her gentleness we manage to find a few oatibix. I’m sure there are rules about this, but it was only a few and ponies eat oats don’t they?

2 thoughts on “I’m home.

  1. mandycharlie says:

    No, not joking.Bearing in mind my kitchen is very long (about 27ft). Every single work surface and the 6 ft kitchen table is about three ft deep. I am discovering pans/crockery/etc, etc that have not been washed and are thick with dried on food, mouldy bread, festering cups, a huge washing pile, rubbish everywhere, son no.2 looks like he has been living on a diet of mainly chocolate bars which the empty wrappers are strewn around the study, there is a bin, but I don’t think that computes with him. I won’t even describe the toilets and bathroom to you. Dog fur everywhere, washing that has been done, (thanks hubby) has just been left in a pile on the sofas, you get the idea. Basically a team of cleaners would take a week to clear this. Oh hum, back to reality it is then.If I let it get to me it will just ruin the benefits of the holiday, so I’m just going to take it gently, whilst of course planning how to explain the trio of lumps forming the patio. *evil smirk*


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