1st of March it is then..

Which means alot of digging, sowing and planting is on the agenda for the next couple of months.

After a hearty brunch hubby and I managed to get down the plot, well, after sending hubby to the chemists for a pregnancy testing kit. I digress, as always.. Its okay, you can breath again as can I. I’m 41 and I should know better, that yes, I am getting just that little bit older and cycles can and will change. But on day Five of being late, well, I had a bit of a crisis moment. You know the sort, or maybe you don’t, it goes something along the lines of, “Oh my flippin’ doG, I must be pregnant”, (well it does when your my age and your hubbys 62) whilst clutching your head and slowly leaking and it was at this moment, that I knew I had to know, not just wait for nature to take its natural course. Fortunately for hubby he did not meet the world and his wife that know and love me at the counter of Boots. Mind you, he probably wouldn’t recognise anybody that knows us especially me (me being a local lass) and I may still get a crisis call of my mum.

The test was took in a very calm and measured way, neither of us saying very much, well apart from hubby who said just before the test and I quote ” your just getting old, your all dried up” whereupon I duly barracked him. Well, what a thing to say.. me, old,, pot, kettle. But he was right, I’m just getting old. I’m not sure which is worse at the moment, the fact that I could have been pregnant or that I’m sinking slowly into middle age..

So, we went to the plot, hubby cleared the greenhouse and then dug and I sorted the seeds out and sowed into pots, tomatoes (7 varieties), leeks (3 varieties), cabbages (2 varieties) and peppers. I ran out of compost at this point, it was very cold even with five layers on, so we went home. Well actually B&Q to get more compost.. There is alot more to sow, it makes me giddy with excitement. 🙂

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